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To start with you want to choose what size group you desire. Below are a few factors and factors which will influence your choice.
Size of this Venue – Consult your place about the floor area available for a ring. The place might be accustomed to recommending a particular size, but this isn’t set in stone. For example, smaller places may always indicate a duo or trio, but occasionally there’s space to get a 4 or 5 piece live band. Request the ring also. They also understand many places and will have the ability to let you know if a particular sized group will fit a specific venue.
Size of this Band – The dimensions of this venue may now help determine the size of this ring which you reserve for your wedding. Physical distance is 1 factor for how big this group you reserve. Are you looking for hire a wedding bands in Geelong? No need to go anywhere else just contact Craig Francis Music. As a guideline, a four piece ring can easily fit into a distance 3m wide by 2.5m deep. (marginally less if there are no drums). This gives them space to maneuver, dance and amuse! Smaller duos & trios that utilize backing tracks are surprisingly effective with all the space requirements. I have never seen a group pack up and move home since there isn’t any room to establish. In the end, we are a creative bunch and always find an alternative.

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Here’s a sample of our wedding rings located in Melbourne and you can reserve them directly.
Your financial plan – This is a fairly obvious one. Bigger rings are more expensive than smaller wedding rings. Another guideline is to match a variety of wedding guests together with the magnitude of this ring. For larger weddings around 100, think about a live group of 4 – 6 slices, and in case you truly wish to produce an impression novel an 8-10 part wedding ring!  Together with guests numbering 50 – 100, duos or trios are appropriate, possibly even a four-piece group. For larger weddings around 100, think about a live band of 4 – 6 slice and if you truly want to produce an impression novel an 8-10 piece wedding ring!

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