In this world, nobody is perfect. Either in the way we think or in the way we do things. Even me, I am not perfect. I wake up every morning and look at what I have achieved so far in my life and I often realize that its like I have done nothing at all. I am not as rich as I expected, or as better as my friends who in my thinking believe that they are better than me. And that is where I go wrong, and not just me but that is where most people me go wrong. Why is it so? That is because how we think has a huge impact on our day to day life. And filling our lives with negative thinking will never get us anywhere in our life. Negative thinking drains us, brings hopelessness and darkness in our lives.

But what are some of those things you should stop telling yourself to improve not only your thinking but also your life? What are those things that you find yourself saying over and over again which drain your positive outlook on life? In this article I will extensively explain things you should stop telling yourself to improve your life.

disappointed-1024x6831. I AM NOT GOOD AT ANYTHING
Heard yourself saying that? Well you are not alone. Many people when they fail to deliver something good or someone beat them to doing something they think that they are not better. What you should know is that, even the greatest entrepreneurs, innovators, successful people made mistakes once but that did not stop them from becoming who they are. Just keep trying and never give up!

Many people use this phrase when they are not achieving much than they should. What they always say is; “I just don’t have time to do A or B”. Ask yourself, are you spending your time wisely? If you want to achieve more in life; you should review how you spend your time. Create a schedule and learn to complete tasks at lightening speed. By doing this; you will be surprised by how much time you will leave out that will help you get that extra job you need or that degree you have always wanted. Manage your time.

positive-thinking-b3. I DON’T GET ANY OPPORTUNITIES
In life, nothing comes easy. Sometimes its better to drop the idea of waiting for opportunities to come your way and get out there and start looking for those opportunities. Get up, switch off the television and start doing something. Sooner or later you will be amazed by what life has to offer. All you need to do is step out into the world with a positive mind.

This is the worst form of thinking one can ever have. Such people do things only to impress others but not to motivate themselves. In life, be ready for ridicule if you are ready to move a notch higher in your life. If your passion is dancing, go for it! If fashion and modelling is your thing, do it. Don’t let other people opinions hold you down. You will be surprised that most successful and happiest people out there are those who do things they love and not who do things because someone is making them do so.

Believe in Yourself5. I CANT DO THIS ALONE
There are people who cant climb even a single step on a ladder without help. They just cant complete any task without asking for help. I am not saying that asking for assistance is bad, we actually need help at some point in our lives. What I always tell people is to learn to believe in themselves. Believe that you can. Have confidence in yourself. Even in life, confident people get the best positions at work and earn more respect than people who always look down on themselves. Stop waiting for people to feel sorry for you.

These are just but a few negative thinking that you should consider changing in your life for you to move a step higher in your life. Focus on being positive. In other words, changing your outlook in life can go a long way to discovering your potential and to achieving opportunities that seemed impossible for you. All you have to do is change your mindset.